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“It is a great feeling to see someone feel better but also to be part of the process of understanding and empowerment that comes from recognising the rhythms of nature and how our bodies move in the same way.”

Since leaving university in my twenties I have had a strong desire to work in my community/for others. This motivated me to begin studying homeopathy, here in Tauranga. I completed my studies in the UK where I began a practice. After practicing for a few years I was keen for a new direction, I was deciding between teaching and acupuncture. After an epiphany I realised that staying in health care was where I could develop myself most as a human being.

Deciding this was my direction I began studying Chinese medicine acupuncture at the University of Westminster, London.

With almost 20 years’ experience in health I returned to Tauranga in 2010. I love what I do, particularly helping people and I feel privileged to be part of someone’s life in that way.

Having been away from NZ for so long I try to make the most of the outdoors.  I can’t get enough of the beach, watching rugby, playing netball and enjoying great craft beer and wine….and a little yoga. I am also a member of a local Buddhist group and I practice and study Buddhism and try to integrate both into my personal and work life.

I enjoy treating a wide range of conditions and people. I have a particular interest in, and my post-graduate study has focused on pregnancy and childbirth.  Within this area I am really interested in helping women enjoy their pregnancy by optimising and preparing them for labour and also teaching their partners acupressure so that they too can be fully involved in the birth process.

I also have a strong focus on sports injuries and pain having completed a number of courses with a specific sports medicine focus.  I am also excited to be developing my skills and understanding to use acupuncture for stroke rehabilitation.

Paul Johnson

Registered ACC provider 

If you have a current ACC injury claim then you are entitled to acupuncture treatment, regardless of and separate to, receiving any other treatment from another therapy.

Choosing a ‘professional’ acupuncturist

Currently there is no regulation in who can administer acupuncture. As a result anyone can call themselves an acupuncturist and it has become a popular modality for physios and other health practitioners offering a style of acupuncture called ‘dry needling’ - with minimal training or just a short weekend course.

Professional acupuncturists are currently going through a process with the HPCA Act to ensure the safety of the public receiving acupuncture and to protect the acupuncture profession.

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Member of the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA) Inc

A standards-based registration authority committed to helping practitioners maintain standards of professional, ethical and clinical competency in acupuncture in NZ in accordance with the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance (HPCA) Act.

Member of the New Zealand Institute of Acupuncture (NZIA)

NZIA provides ongoing training and seminars in a wide range of aspects relating to acupuncture.