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While many people come to acupuncture with specific complaints, acupuncture is also used to balance the body before disease develops.  It can address those signs that we are out of kilter like the non-specific signs and symptoms such as mood changes, tiredness, feelings of being run down and poor quality sleep.

In western medicine, wellness is judged by the absence of symptoms. If you do not have specific symptoms, a headache or asthma for example, then you are considered to be well.  And yet, you may not feel very good within yourself.

Acupuncture treatments stimulate the healing potential within the body.  When qi and blood flow are optimized people feel relaxed and balanced and back to their old selves. 

Acupuncture can be excellent in making the body feel balanced and giving you a feeling of wellbeing.


Acupuncture for insomnia

Acupuncture treats insomnia by balancing hormones regulating cortisol and serotonin levels in the body.  By modulating the biochemical action in the brain stress is relieved, mood improves and the body is able to switch off and better sleep patterns are established. 

While occasional restless nights are normal, prolonged insomnia can interfere with daytime function, concentration, and memory. Insomnia increases the risk of substance abuse, motor vehicle accidents, headaches, and depression.

People with insomnia tend to experience one or more of the following sleep disturbances:

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night
  • Waking too early in the morning
  • Waking frequently throughout the night
  • Sleep that is chronically non-restorative or poor

Rather than attempting to sedate like sleeping pills, which can further exacerbate the problem, Acupuncture treatment seeks to find the source of the disharmony and rebalance this. Understanding your cycle helps to determine how the body has become imbalanced.

In my clinical experience, many patients experience a good improvement in their sleep pattern even if this was not the condition that treatment was sought for!

This is what our patients say...

I went to Bay Acupuncture to get help with menopausal hot flushes. Paul was great, pragmatic and took a whole body approach, solving other issues on the way. Ultimately, he successfully took my whole body temperature down. Months later, I had intense neck pain, just before a major family gathering, one visit to Paul and he resolved the problem.


mood changes, tiredness, feelings run down, poor quality sleep

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