Birth Skills and acupressure for labour

Both acupuncture and acupressure can provide a natural, safe and effective form of pain relief during labour. Acupuncture can be used prior to labour to relax you and help you feel more energised in preparation for labour, as well as assist in encouraging an efficient labour and reducing the intensity of contractions.

We teach pregnant women, their partners and support-people how to apply acupressure during labour, allowing them to be actively involved in the birth.  Acupressure is an easy to use, non-invasive way to promote natural childbirth.  The techniques we teach help prepare the body for childbirth as well as prompt the body to function more efficiently during labour.

We recommend that both you and your partner attend one of our birth skills/acupressure classes together between week 36-38 of the pregnancy so you are both prepared in time for the birth.

  • The overwhelming feedback we get from participants of our class is positive.
  • We run acupressure classes Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings at our clinic in 11th Ave. .
  •  Space is limited so you do need to book.
  •  The cost is $45 per couple
  • The workshop is designed for pregnant women, in their last month of pregnancy, and their birthing partners.
  • To secure a place in a birth skills/acupressure workshop you can book online or phone to make a booking.

This workshop is designed for pregnant women and their partners, from week 36-40 of pregnancy.  

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