Our Approach

Our philosophy and values

In Chinese history there is the story of the physician Dong Feng who lived in Lushan, China during the Three Kingdoms period.

Instead of asking money for his treatment, he asked each patient who had been cured by him to plant apricot trees in a nearby orchard.  The number of trees planted depended on the seriousness of the illness.  Over time 100,000 trees had been planted. Every year, he harvested the apricots and then traded them for rice which was added to the central granary and fed those who did not have enough to eat. 

“In the spirit of ‘The Apricot Grove’, at Bay Acupuncture I apply knowledge with a spirit of compassion reflecting my aspiration for a sustainable and healthy community.”

Our integrative approach

Integrative medicine is a philosophy of healthcare with a focus on individual patient care that combines the best of conventional western medicine and evidence-based complementary medicine and therapies.

At Bay Acupuncture our integrative approach strives to incorporate a broad understanding of the nature of your illness, healing and wellness by placing you at the centre of care. We aim to partner, with your other health practitioners, to help you recover as fast and as fully as possible.  

An integrative approach can address the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that may be affecting your health. Treatment in this way enhances your ability to get well and stay well and empowers and involves you in  your own health.